Phalanx of Nod Guild Charter


Phalanx of Nod is one of the original guilds on Dalaran, created 12/5/2004. We offer a casual, fun, adult community (18+). 

Our members enjoy raiding in a casual atmosphere. We value the social aspect of the game, and treat WoW as a game that we have fun with and enjoy with our friends.

Reason for Charter
The reason for the guild charter is to outline, the guild leadership structure, rules, code of conduct, and other guidelines for the guild.

Guild Raiding Calendar
Raiding nights and times are as follows:
1. Monday: 8pm-11pm ET
2. Wednesday: 8pm – 11pm ET
3. Thursday: 8pm – 11pm ET

Others days are left open to allow guildies to farm, run other instances (i.e. non-reserved raids), or attend to real life (since we understand people do have lives outside of the game)

Guild Member Requirements, Structure and Operation

Guild Members must be 18 years or older, and must agree to and follow the guild charter.

General Guild Ranks
Names of ranks are subject to change however the general hierarchy is as follows
1. Guild Leader
2. Officer
3. Raider
4. Alts, Friends & Family

Raiding System

Raiders get first priority, FnF will get priority after.

Raid ranked members are expected to have gear enchanted and gemmed.  Certain raids & modes during progression will be "reserved" meaning players must save their raid lockout on guild reserved raid instances, those instances/raids not reserved may be run by guildies on off-nights.

Application Process

All applicants will be brought into the guild on a 2 week trial basis.  During that time the officers will collect feedback and observe the new recruit to see if they can

  1. Fit into the guild's culture/community
  2. Attend the events they said they would
  3. Perform at a level that the officers feel will work with regard to the guild's goals

Based on these 3 things, will determine if full membership is offered or other course of action needs to be taken.


Being promoted in the guild works on the raiding system.  If you are a non-raiding rank (i.e. FnF) and it is determined that you can attend the raid days PoN has outlined and there is an open raiding position in the raiding ranks, you can be bumped up.  Attend the raid days means you can attend all our raid days with the exception of the occassional vacation, work issues, general RL getting in the way from time to time. 

You must contact an officer or fill out the associated FnF to Raid rank app in the member only forums

Demotions and Removal

If a raider misses 5 raids in the past 10 without proper notice in the absence forums the member can be demoted to non-raiding rank, and their spot opened up for recruitment or propmotion of a non-raiding ranked member.

A member found to be applying to other guilds with their main, will have all their characters (mains and alts) subject to removal from the guild at the discretion of the guild officers.  Other actions that may get someone removed are (but not limited to): Not fitting in with the guild, causing unneeded drama, persitantly having a negative attitude (this is a game have fun), recruiting members for another run in contradiction to PoN's raid times, not successfully completing the applicant trial period, etc.

The following actions will be performed when such an event has been identified.
1) Member will be contacted by an officer
2) Barring extenuating circumstances (up to the discretion of the officer), the member in question may be removed from the guild.
3) After completion of number 2 and barring extenuating circumstances, the alts of the member will also be removed.

Other penalties that can also be imposed as the officer(s) sees fit.

Members will be demoted to "Ghost" status if they have not logged on in 1-3 months, if a member has not logged on in 4+ months (pending extenuating circumstances) they may be removed from the guild in order to keep an up to date roster.

Feedback, Opinions, Decisions and Votes

Feedback and opinions of members of the guild should be expressed in the guild forums. It is here they are open for discussion, and everyone can voice their opinion on the matter at hand. If the feedback warrants a change in policy for the guild, the discussion will be moved toward a decision requiring a vote by the members.

Items up for discussion that need to have a decision associated with them will be brought up on the guild forums. Topics of discussion that require a vote will have a corresponding poll associated with the proposed decision. If the poll has a majority vote of registered members it will pass. If the poll does not have a majority vote, it will be brought before the officers, if the majority of officers votes for a decision it will pass.

Issues & Disputes Between Members

Issues should be brought to the attention of the officers.  If they don't know about it, they cannot help.

Any disputes between members of the guild that cannot be resolved between them will be brought to an officer’s attention. Any decision on the matter must be investigated and handled with the utmost fairness for both members involved. If a decision cannot be reached by an officer, the issue will be escalated to the guild leader if need be.

Actions of posting negative information or bringing personal disputes to guild forums, we urge people to take care of personal problems on a one on one basis, and if the issue still cannot be resolved please ask an officer for assistance.  Negative or flaming posts public or private will be removed immediately and an officer will have a discussion with the member who made such a post.

Leave of Absence

We recognize that as a person living on this planet, there are other things that go on outside of World of Warcraft.  For this reason we ask you give the rest of your members some common courtesy of letting them know if you will be away. If you are planning on being away, please post on the guild forum, or let an officer know that you will be out of town, or unable to play for a given amount of time due to other commitments.

This is especially true for raiding ranked members as not letting us know can affect raiding decisions.


Teamwork is the cornerstone of our guild. The guild was founded to help out like minded players quest, level, and excel at the game of World of Warcraft.  This doesn’t mean everyone is required to drop whatever they are doing and help someone else, but if you are free and able to answer the call for assistance, do so, it will only better the folks you are helping and the guild as a whole.  It also helps you get to know your fellow teammates better.

Conversely don't badger your guildmates for assistance.  Don't get all up in arms if someone doesn't immediately respond to you.

When questing together all members should continue to assist until everyone has completed the quest. Leaving after only you have completed your quest, and having others fend for themselves is seen as detrimental behavior to your fellow guild member.

Raid Looting

During raids PoN currently uses the personal looting method.

Guild Bank

A guild bank is established to hold equipment, crafting materials, and money for members of the guild.  For progression fights, guild repairs will be enabled to soften the blow of wipes.  When able to do so, the guild bank will also provide consumables.

Access to the Bank
Members will have access to different areas of the bank, depending on rank. Please see the guild bank forum for more details.  Members will only have access to the bank fully if they are a raid rank and have an authenticator.  If you do not have an authenticator and do not have a raid rank, please contact an officer for assistance.

Guild Chat
We realize that profanity can be seen from time to time in guild chat.

The officers of the guild strongly encourage the use of Blizzard's profanity filter which is built into the game if you don't want to use or see that type of language.

However please be kind to your fellow guildies, as continued harassment of any kind will be dealt with as appropriate.  Harrassment (Sexual, Racial, etc.) of any kind will not be tolerated.

Social Media

PoN is not here to censor you, but we do ask that as an agent of our guild you follow the following guidelines:

1. Keep remarks meaningful and respectful—do not post spam, offensive or derogatory comments
2. Respect confidentiality whether it’s guild related or otherwise, discussions and posts in guild member only forums are considered confidential & you must ask an officer for permission to discuss over social media, blog, etc before doing so
3. When you’re disagreeing with the opinions of other players, keep it appropriate and polite, be open and conversational with other members not confrontational
4. Be accountable for what you post, tweet, discuss